What is the Sustainability Unconference?

An unconference is one of the most enjoyable, engaging, affordable and effective events you’ll ever participate in. 

An unconference is a conference organized around a central theme, but without pre-planned agenda items. For our event, the topic is sustainability, but the topics on that agenda are decided by you– the participant!

The open agenda allows for innovation, sharing, and collaboration in ways not available at a regular conference and allows participants to learn great things from each other throughout the day.

We will be hosting the next Sustainability Unconference in San Francisco at ECO-SYSTM Coworking in the SOMA neighborhood.

Learn more about the Sustainability Unconference:

How does an unconference work?

Who is Coming?

Why Should I Come?

Speaking at the Unconference

Register for the Unconference

Watch our Video from the previous event!

Speed Networking, the backbone of this engaging event


How does the Unconference work?

The first item on the agenda is to make the agenda. At an Unconference, the topics on the agenda are decided by YOU, making the day collaborative, engaging, and FUN! Check here to see a preliminary schedule for the day.

Participants will share topics for discussion, and then participants vote to decide which topics are most interesting and important to talk about. We’ll have three sessions of concurrent presentations. This event will also feature a Speed Networking session to help you collaborate with other green businesses and sustainability-minded folks. Learning from others in the community

  • Participants suggest topics they can teach or lead a workshop on, which are written on a white board.
  • These options are voted on by all registered participants. Whichever topics receive the most votes get selected, and the schedule is then built.
  • Those chosen to lead a session will win a cool green prize from one of our sponsors! (See “Speaking at the Unconference” below, for more info). 

Some of the other highlights of the Sustainability Unconference include:

  • Great food and snacks from local, sustainable companies
  • Informational tables featuring local, green businesses

Who is coming

Well, the short answer is that about 90 great people and businesses are coming. But here’s a short list of registered attendees and sponsors so far:

  • EPA
  • Sustainable Food Companies (Vegan Burg, Imperfect Produce, sweetgreen)
  • Sustainable Strategic communications
  • Green Bookkeeping
  • PG & E
  • Sustainable Travel
  • Cleantech Startups
  • Sustainable Business Educators
  • Ecovillage/Sustainable Living Experts
  • Energy Efficiency Franchises
  • Branding & Corporate Strategy
  • Eco-Yoga
  • Sustainability/Resiliency Community groups
  • CleanTechnica/Important Media (okay, that’s us!)

Why Should I Come?

The Sustainability Unconference gives you a chance to network, to listen, and even to teach (if you feel inspired to do so). You should offer to lead a session if you think your experience can help other green business owners and startups. More than likely, each attendee has something they can teach others within the framework of green business/sustainability. Don’t feel like you are ready to teach? No problem – you can come to network with future partners, and to learn more about building a green business, expanding your sustainable brand, seeking more information about green biz opportunities.

Speaking at the Unconference

You may not think you are qualified to speak or run a session of an unconference, but you’d be surprised at the talents and experiences that can help others learn and grow. Are you an expert in sustainable living? Have you taken an ecotour or WWOOF’d? Have you started a sustainable business? Do you help businesses and individuals work better, faster, more efficiently? Become a Certified B Corporation? Raised your first round of funding? Started an innovative small business of your own? Successfully rebranded as a responsible company?

If you offer to speak or run a breakout session, and participants give you enough votes and your session is selected, you will earn a sustainable prize from our list of awesome sponsors, including Frey Wineries, Seed & Salt, Imperfect Produce, ECO-SYSTM Coworking, and MORE!

Are you convinced that the Sustainable Unconference is for YOU? Register here.

Watch our Video from the previous event!

We made this video at our Honolulu Sustainabilty Unconference. This event featured about 90 people at the Impact Hub Honolulu last year. See some image and read some of our testimonials here.

Disclaimer: by registering for this event you consent to having your image appear in marketing materials for our company or our affiliates and sponsors, including print, website and in promotional videos. Thanks!

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