Host a Sustainability Unconference!

Are you interested in running your own Sustainability Unconference? Of course you are, it’s the funnest, most engaging, and most productive event ever! And, it helps push the global community in a progressive direction, breaking down barriers, creating action groups, new sustainable business connections, and raising awareness!

If you’d like to host a Sustainability Unconference in your town, good news! You can partner with us through a licensing agreement. There is no cost to do so, though we won’t be able to work with everyone, just due to sheer bandwidth considerations. But if it works out and we form a partnership, we’ll coach you, provide you with a manual, organizing documents, marketing and press release templates, a dedicated event page on our website, publicity, social media, and more. We’ll even work to sell sponsors for your event.

Can I make money?

Absolutely. We’d love to see people making a living hosting Sustainability Unconferences in their area, in fact. Since these events can be run fairly frequently, and have proven to generate revenue from both ticket sales and sponsorships, you can get paid to be a Sustainability Unconference organizer.

The licensing agreement works by allowing you to use our brand, our website, our social media, our templates, our blueprint–pretty much just follow the proven formula–and all you need to do is recruit, organize, and be a good host!

What’s in it for us?

A licensing agreement allows for the licensor (that’s us) to define the terms through which people can license their product. In our case, since we want to make the world a better place first and foremost (and since we believe that Sustainability Unconferences should empower people in every community everywhere), we do not charge for licensing. However, we do need to make money, so what we offer is a revenue sharing arrangement. We (you and us) sell sponsorships and work to sell tickets, and we split the money. We have no set revenue split percentage…the arrangement is negotiable depending on many factors, but we want to make sure that you make money from your efforts and want to continue hosting Sustainability Unconferences in your town for many years to come! Money is important, but our main goal–first and foremost–is to expand this beautiful event and spread the love of sustainability far and wide. If you feel the same way, join us!

Contact us today for more information.

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