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Here is what people had to say about the 2015 Honolulu Sustainability Unconference:

  • Chris H., a freelance developer, said: A great gathering of progressive, informed minds, with collaborative workshops and brainstorming exercises to build interpersonal connections while exploring solutions to real-world issues. Great networking and brainstorming event! My favorite part of the day was the creation of the agenda–hearing everyone’s expertise, ideas and passions.
Speed Networking, sustainability unconference honolulu

Speed Networking, the backbone of this engaging event

  • Lauren S., a yoga teacher and wellness coach says: The Unconference was such an inspiring, powerful event because it brought together local experts in various areas of sustainability, with local folks who are genuinely passionate and engaged in these issues.  I loved my experience of meeting and connecting with like-minded citizens that were there to learn, display their ideas and products, connect with people in similar arenas, and make a difference.  The various sessions held about issues like climate change, social policy, effective communication strategies, and environmental investments were all informative and useful.
  • Sara C. says: I loved the Green Business Plan Competition: I definitely didn’t feel excited about this before the event, nor did I really get the point for people who already have a business and don’t want to start a new one. But once we got started, I really enjoyed brainstorming with everyone and pitching our idea (Food Oasis: Mobile Farmer’s Market) and it was a nice way to get to know people outside the usual networking chitchat.
  • Love Sky Kombucha! Also it was cool that different snack and drink options subtly appeared in the snack space throughout the day.
  • The food was excellent!!! I have seriously never eaten so healthy!
  • I suggest incorporating ‘next steps, what will I do when I leave, what does the next week/month/6 months/year look like because I attended this event’ type of exercise



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